Saturday, September 25, 2010

Entry 5

Charlotte's Web Themes/ Theories:

While reading Charlotte's Web i came across many themes and theories I had while reading.Some themes that I had were Friendship, Life/Death, Trust, Affection, Pain/Pleasure, Adventure/Miracle, Growing Up/Changing, Family/Friends, Passion and The Passing of Time. Each one of these themes are connected to either the character or something that happens around the main character/or side characters. I love the themes in this book it makes the book more deeply involved with its delicacy themes and issues.
                  This book shows Friendship because of the strong connection that Wilbur and Charlotte shares. And the connection that Fern and the animals have.You can tell that Wilbur and Charlotte has a good, strong friendship because Charlotte spends her time making a web just to save Wilbur's life. Even though its not necessary for to do it, she does it any ways.Another friendship connection is the one that Fern shares with the animals. I mean like even though she cant talk to them and no one else believes that she can talk to animals she comes to her uncles far almost every day just to sit there and listen to them. I think she feels some sort of comfort when shes around the animals, maybe that's why shes always around them.
       Another theme I saw in the book was Life/Death. I think this theme is the main theme of the book, because if Ferns father wasn't trying to kill Wilbur because of his size this story really wouldn't of happened. Wilbur's life becomes in danger twice in his life, first when Ferns father wanted to kill him but he survived because of Fern, and another time when the farmer wanted to kill him for food (which Wilbur wouldn't have known about if someone didn't tell him).And Charlotte tries her hardest to help him,and she succeeds but ends up dieing at the end of old age, but gives birth to 514 baby spiders.There's a lot to having life and the pain it gives people when death comes around, and i feel like Charlotte's death will not be forgotten EVER.I also came up with some theories while reading. Some of my theories are that i think that Charlotte replaces fern now. One reason I think this is that ever since Wilbur has left home and started living at Ferns uncle's farm he felt like he had no one. But when he met Charlotte this friendship started to build slowly and strongly improved. I feel like Wilbur depends on Charlotte with his life and soul, which is kind of true.
    Another theory i have is that i think that Avery is trying to find a pet like Wilbur. I think that hes trying to see how Fern feels about Wilbur by having a pet of his own to get the same feeling. I think hes trying to do this when he tried to have a frog as a pet but it seems like that didn't work out well for him. Another reason is because he tried to catch Charlotte and make her his pet. But it doesn't seem like Avery is the type of person to have a pet all he really wants is attention.
       On page 40-41 of the book i think the author is trying to give us a moral. I think this because at first Wilbur judged Charlotte on how she lived because her really didn't know her well and didn't understand that's the only way she can live is by doing what she does. But when he gets to know her better his judgement on Charlotte changes. I think the author is trying to tells us that we shouldn't judge people by the things they do before u get to know the person really well.And i agree with the author on this moral because we do it all the time in life and sometime this causes big issues.

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