Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Entry #6

Expanding on a note in Charlotte's Web

       While reading Charlottes Web there were like alot of notes that i took that really stood out to me or like i wrote alot aboit and in deep detail. One note i has or shall  say notes lol was on the page we read in clas with our groups page 40 and 41. I swear i ripped this page up with notes! lol like on this page it really showed how intellegent, smart, and wise charlotte is, she speaks with respect, wisedom and truth. Shes like the parent figure in the story, you can look up to her always. Shes the one you can go to for advice like your  parents that you have. I think that she can really teach Wilbur alot about life and stuff. Its kinda like a techer, student senerio.
       Also I notice how hard she had to work in her life to survie. She has to build her web every day to catch her food. She doesnt have it easy like us (or Wilbur) where we have our shelter already proved to us from either a parent or guardian. We have food prapared for us like we don't have to hunt for it or anything. So really compared to Charlotte we have the easy way out to everything. Another thing on these two pages that I noted was the desciption the author used for Charlotte. The words were very detailed and like its great to hear words like BRUTAL or SCHEMING or BLOODTHIRSTY in a childerns book.
       Also I thought about the authors meaning on this passage to me it seemed like the author was trying to tell us that ''You shouldnt judge people by what they do or what they look like  before you get to know them really well'. I thought this because Wilbur thought that Charlotte was everthing he did'nt like but when he got to know her better he found out that shes amazing an everything she does is part of her life style. He ended up with a close new friend and his judgment of her changed.

          Charlottes Web link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyjFnDsNOHc&feature=related

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