Friday, January 14, 2011


I want

I want a smile
I want a hug
I want a mile
Of sugar plums
I want a daisy
For hen its rainy
I want to fly
And touch the sky
I want a dad
Like I've never had
I just want
That special
Love song
That you have
Just a song
That I can have



A word
Cuts deep
Deep into your skin
A push
Lets you fall
You get tears
After all
A puch
Leaves brusies
A memory
You cant forget
A gang
Its you agaisnt
A bat
In the hospital you go
Your mother sheads tears
Your father shows his fears
The silence
Its safe
Its the best thing you know
After all
Thats how
Bullying goes.

This poem expresses how I see this social issue.... Bullying... Bullying is a very deep and harmful topic. It happens everywhere. This needs to be stop. Kids are bullied for allot. Their race, how tall or short they are, how fat or skinny they maybe, where they come from, how the speak, the way they dress, their sexuality is something that recently is being provoked. Bullying needs to be talked about it schools so this process of kid thinking they can say or do anything they want. To a child just because they don't like something about them. That needs to stop. Its a horrible action against people. And most of them just wont stand for it. So you know what they do, they commit suicide.


                                     Navy blue
                                   Crystal clear
                                  And salty too
                                From east to west
                                    You spread
                             Crashing and thrashing
                             Dissolving in the sand
                                 Cold my touch
                               Yes its the ocean
                                 One thing that
                                        I lust


                                   Where I am From

                              I'm from Jamaica
                       I'm from my mother kameka
                   I'm from the silent ocean breeze
                               In sunny Florida
                   I'm from the laughter of children
                               I'm from the sun
                                And full of life
                                    I'm from death
                                       The beauty of it
                                          The tears you shed
                             Because of it
                                 The feeling
                                        Of depressing
                                               Around it
                                                           I'm from music
                                                       Different beats
                                                     Different sounds
                                                 Different meanings
                                          All around
               From loud to silent
                     To high and low
                           I'm from my sister
                                  Her broad smile
                                     The glistening eyes
                                                   I'm just me
                                                            A girl
                                          I'm Kayla

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reading challenge

           I  Read the book Sold this month. Well basically i read the book in a day. The book had really connected to me, it was so meaningful, deep, depressing, and each word on each page really got a reaction out of me. This book was full of allot of drama, fear, religion, betrayal, trust, rape, family,and much more. The book includes allot of social issues that are deal with in real life today like: rape, family loss, abuse,poverty, love,al actions and much more. The one thing in the book that made me love it so much was how it took place. It started depressing with a family that lives in a village and they are poor. Its a family of four a daughter, a baby boy , the mother and the father.
               Their family used to be bigger but each season when they had a child the child would die of some sort of sickness.Basically the main character wants good thing for her family. She aims for getting a new tin roof. Their father unfortunately is rude, lazy, and doesn't do much to help the family at all. I also don't like that in their religion the man always comes first.They only get to eat after then men had eaten till they are full, then they get what remains.That's unfair in my eyes for one they have more than one mouth to feed. Two they don't have enough food to give to all the family members if the father eats first, basically the rest other family starve.
         They must rub their feet n drink a sip of the water their feet was washed in as as sign or respect. That's sooo nasty its something that i would never do in my life at all its like who would do that and no one i don't care who they starvee cant tell me to do something like that as a sign or respect to a man.But, besides all this bad i love the fact that the girl is in love with a guy in her village that she has been watching for a while now and she has plans to marry him,
     To skip  farther into the book. They family becomes so poor because of the father and all of his gambling so they send the daughter to the city to be sold as a maid. But from there things go horribly wrong. She is on this long journey she goes through alot of other villages and cities and she leaves th life she had behind her. She carries her personal items which isn't that much and the strong weight of her family back home and how they will get along in life, but she promises to come back and tell them the stories of how great it was in the city. She had a big wondrous imagination of how the city would look but for the long journey she was on she never got to that wondrous place.
     Instead she gets a change of clothing, a new pink fluffy dress and matching shoes. To her she feels naked. She ends up in the home withe other girls in many colorful dresses and to her she thinks this is where she'll clean and stuff. Her first day of the 'job' she sees what her job is really meant to be. And she refuses to do this dirty job. For this she gets beaten all over her body and shes is starved without water for food for days. But what they don't know is shes knows how to serve without food, she can make her self seem full even though shes not. Until one day she get some yogurt from her bosses servant and instantly she knows she was drugged. She blacks out and awakes a little while later with no control over her body at all. And a guy one of the costumer does what he was there to do and she feels like she has no control over anything any more, so she lets it happen.
    She gets used to what she has to do to get out of there but she doesn't appreciate it at all. she see that the girls are leaving one by one, people around her getting sick,dieing....
   Well i don't wanna give away too much of the story so go ahead and read it your self it will really take you attenuation away like its taken mine. This book is a sure to keep, best read, attention grabbing, meaningful and social story. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

War (extra peom)


I am at war
I'mam at war with a ton of things
And the enemy maybe
This battle
But no matter what
I have to win this war

The fatal moment
the crusal pain
The desire to over power
The rush of this game
Oh war
You might be unstoppable
But i will challenge you
And i promise you
I will

I just wanted it to be known that there's always war. If its not a war between states ins a person war. A war between people. The war of love. The war for survival. The war that everyone faces all the time. So there are those people, who will never give up. The fight back there war. Until the succeed and win.

The Starry Night Poem Response

Anne Sexton

That does not keep me from having a terrible need of -- shall I say the word -- religion. Then I go out at night to paint the stars.

--Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother

The town does not exist
except where one black-haired tree slips
up like a drowned woman into the hot sky.
The town is silent. The night boils with eleven stars.
Oh starry starry night! This is how
I want to die.

It moves. They are all alive.
Even the moon bulges in its orange irons
to push children, like a god, from its eye.
The old unseen serpent swallows up the stars.
Oh starry starry night! This is how
I want to die:

into that rushing beast of the night,
sucked up by that great dragon, to split
from my life with no flag,
no belly,
no cry. My Response:

  In class we read the starry night. After reading this poem a few lines i had a few thoughts about the poem. For one i think the poet is trying to tell us that she is accepts death.She doesn't fear it at all she basically embraces it. So some line like 'The unseen serpent","that great dragon","beast of the night" to mean all of this sayings/descriptions shows powerful forces which i think she longs to surrendered to. She is like showing suicidal power  in her poem. Like the stanza that says "to split" it adds some compactions and difficulties towards the poem. The word"split" doesn't mean destroy in this poem but it actually means to break into many pieces.
       Also the stanza that says "no belly" can mean a few things. It can mean that she will have no belly literally,or that the word belly can refer to womb,and can also mean "inside". Saying that she has no inside, its a form of destruction. I think that the poet longs to become part of the sky, not literally but that saying has a religious meaning towards it. But i think he desperation for suicide, isn't for religion but for the need of infinite glory and power. This poem shows a mixture of both suicide, surrender, control, how she wants her life to end.
      The poem talks about the nature of life and the embrace of death.To me this poem just has a lot of power and strength towards it in the poem. it really grabs your attention.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love (extra poems)


Life is full of roses
But they arent all lovely
For us there are the same with throns
And some that are pitch black
Its up to you to pick out
The most beautiful
Of them all
Your have to find
That wonderful Red Rose

By Kayla Newman


Poetry is....

Openly thought out
Every one's opinion respected
Truly fulfilled and meaningful
Religion is included
You share your mind

Your heart, your soul, your thoughts
All written down on paper
A word of memories, moments
And factors of life
Poetry is like the ocean
Its a hell of a ride
Hell yeah
That's what poetry is about!!