Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poem (extra cedit)

Painful Portrait
Hurnger in thier eyes
The feeling of death and sorrow
that comes your way
No food
No water
One pair of clothes to wear
New born babies
The pain
The hunger
More than you do
They die
Before they even gt the chance to live
Corps of thier body lay on the floor
Tears of women
Tears of men
Tears of the children
The parents try to defend
But its hard living this way
This is serious
Its not a game

Poem (extra cedit)

The Feel of The Game

Head held up high
Sneakers neat and tied
Helmet safely secured
While the a ocean blue eye
Peeks out
Through the open spaces

A gun shot rings out
So loud and clear
You race down the feild
Focusing on nothing but the ball
Cheers and screams, as the crowd goes wild

The heat
The pressure
The determination to win this game
Sweat slowly drips down your face
As you run down the feild
Heading for that goal
With more confidence than anyone else
With all your heart and soul

You make it there
You hear all the cheers
You take a breath
And you know its the end