Thursday, September 23, 2010

Entry four

Student Blogging

    Well i think student blogging is a good way for everyone to see eacher others thoughts and comments onthings. I aslo think that student blogging gives students the chance get ideas from other students work. Like for me i love to hear what other have to say on a topic. We may end up thinking the same exact thing or thinking differently and u get to see and understand why they felt that way. Also i think that when a student comments on another students blogg to give them some advice or complement the writter on thier hard work. This really gives some students pride and make them feel that thier writting means something to others and not only them                                    
                                            Get Hard At Work Blogging!!!!!!
    Also it makes the student want to work harder on their work if they see that the length of someone elses writting is loger, or their writting has more details, or deeper thinking. I like when people comment on my work. It helps me see what i am doing well on so far and the things i might need to fix or change about my writting.I think student blogging lets the students help each other on their work. Sometimes when students help other students with thier work it helps them a bit more then when a teacher helps( no offense to teacher you are doing your jobs great but, some kids change more when a friend/classmate helps them improve their work).                                                                                        

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