Monday, May 16, 2011

Writting Prompt #2

Writting Prompt Number 2
  1. What I Want For Life?
  2. What Carrer I Want To Proceed?
  3. Where Do I Want To Live?
  4. What Do I Want To Accomplish As A Teen?
  5. What Are My-End-Of-The-Year Middle School Goal?
  6. WHat Are My Goals In Highschool?
  7. What Courses Do I Want TO Take In High School?
  8. Art(Creativity) Or Medical?
  9. Do I Want To Go To College?
  10. Am I Ready To Leave Home?
Question Number 6: What Are My Goals For High School?

      In High school i want to accomplish many things. For one i  would like to keep getting good grades> If i can i want to get better grades than what i get in the 8th grade. I also want to try new subjects to extend my knowledge beyond what it is now. I really enjoy ELA and Social Studies class, with the teachers being interactive with the students I am wble to be more succesful in class. I want to join high scholl extracirriclular classes. A sports team, or maybe a robotics team. In High School i want to explore my educational options. By doing this it would help me to become a smarter student and proactive in my High School community. but mostly in school I will remain true to myself but also be open to options I have never experienced before.