Thursday, September 23, 2010

Entry Two

Charlotte's Web Annotations
       I noticed that in the beginning of the book Fern thought that the pig aka Wilbur should be able to live. Because she thought why take away a life of an animal because of its size. Its like taking away the life of a baby because its head os too big or it has an extra toe or something. But on page 12 when Fern's father wanted to sell Wilbur i would of thought that Fern would put up a fight about it.
     Beacuse seeing as she feed him, grew him up, and basically treated him like her own child( as an equal to any other human being) that she would feel a way about her father wanting to sell him. But at least Wilbur is being sold to one of her family members near by so atleast she would be able to visit him offen. I think of Wilbur as part of thier family like a pet dog or cat. It really makes me wonder why she would let him go? How does she really feel about Wilbur going away? would she feel like shes losing a friend or losing a family member? If it was me it would feel like losing a family member because if I had did all the things Fern did for Wilbur then I would be really hurt.. badly.
    I would be sad and mad, I would be mad that i would have to give him away. So mad that i might even argueabout it. And i would be sad to give him away after i cared for him as my own. It would be like a mother who had to give up her baby at birth. The pain, the hurt, would haunt her for her life.I also wonder what went threw her mind at that moment? Was she thinking about something else and dats why she did'nt really make a fuss about Wilbur? This part of the book made me think really hard and deeply about Wilbur's and Ferns relationship and how much she loves him.

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