Thursday, September 23, 2010

Entry one

Question: whats the point of re reading?
          Well to me the point of re reading a book gives people the chance to enjoy the feelin the had when the first read the book. I dont really like re readin a book because I already know whats going to happen, so to me it kinda kills the joy of rerading the book.Another point of re reading a book is to get a better understanding of the text. For example when you are reading a complicated book you might not have understood the text. So its good for you to go back and re read the text again to understand what the text ment( and maybe even read between the lines).
       I read the book Tough Times Never Last But Tought People Do and its not an easy book to read.Its an adult book based on life long problems, which the author helps u through by giving you tips. I had to read the book atleast 2-3 times just so I can fully understand the text and the book over all.Two movies that i have watched more than once is Ruch Hour 1,2&3(theses are three different movies). I watched this movie like 50 times!! I loveee it because it so funny and always make me laugh, even when im in a bad mood. Its my get away movie i watch it for laughter and to exscape some of  my problems.
       I also  re read the book,What My Mother Doesnt Know I love this book. Its funny,something i can connect with, it brings reakity that i can understand(since im a teenage girl too I can connect with how the character may feel, what she might be thinking when shes making a dicsion. When boys wouldn't understand them deeper meaning of the book and how and y the girl reacts or say thing. Well thats my opinon I dont know about all of you lol. I re read The Hunger Games a few times because i just love the adventure it had, the drama it held and the way it always had u wondering what was going to happen next.
       I think that these are all the reasons that you should re read a book or even re watch a movie.

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