Thursday, October 21, 2010


I remember when i was younger and the first time i read the book Stuart Little by E.B White. I was seven years old and most books didn't appeal to me at all. I t was always hard to find a good boo to read. i was that type of person who loves to judge a book by its cover. Even though  your not supposed to i always do, if a book doesn't have a appealing cover i always thin that the book wouldn't be interesting at all either. Until the day some kid requested that i read the book Stuart Little.At first i opposed to reading the book it looked so stupid, but the kid nagged e and annoyed me so just to get them to shut up i started to read the book. At first i skipped some pages.... OK maybe alot of pages and got to like the climax of the book. It was interesting and appealing and i couldn't stop reading. The character were interesting, and Stuart little was very appeal and energetic like any kid should be but had the intelligence of an adult.
      So Stuart little is basically about a mouse that is born into a family, that lives in new york. The family cares for Stuart and respects him and treats him as their own even though hes a mouse. After a injured bird come to there house and Mrs.little takes care of her it seems like Stuart gets a crush on Margalo. But then in sight of danger Margalo leaves without saying goodbye to anyone leaving Stuart heartbroken and hurt. So he goes an a journey to find her and just like Margalo leaves his family behind without any goodbyes or an in site of where he'd be at. During the journey Staurt meets a girl of his height and proportions but doesn't seem to make a connection with her,because he had Margalo on his mind.Stuarts personality is very interesting for his size hes educated(by only the age of three), mature, physically and emotionally fit, and he has a clear understanding of life and the world around him. Although the book ended without Stuart being able to find Margalo or returning back to his family, it was still a great book. Especially for the age that i read it at it appealed to me mostly for the fact that their were talking animals and a cool journey.
     I appreciated  Stuart little because it proved that u cant just judge a book by its cover. And taught me to never do that again. My second time reading the book i appreciated that Stuart little doesn't only appeal to kids. It has a strong interest to most adults. It may seem like a child's book but Stuart little has alot of deeper meaning between the lines that if you read carefully you will catch them.But even though i appreciated some things about the book. I  have to say that i didn't like some things about the book like the ending and how the Stuart doesn't make any meaningful connections with anyone in the book. Maybe a small connection with Margalo but i only see her as a symbol in the story.
      Maybe  you will think differently. So read the book and tell me what you think and how you feel about it yourself. You'll never know you might like something i didn't like or see something i didn't notice.