Friday, January 21, 2011


That Sepcial Person

Dark chocolate skin
And brown eyes
His feelings were hidden
And so were mines
6 foot
And soft red lips
Always jealous
But i knew he cared
Hugs and kisses were alwayed shared

Strong bold body
Sweet and sour
Was how he acted

Freestyle Rapping
Funny and controleed
A big warm heart
And a strong bold soul
Yea thats him
Hes my gold


Dead Friendship

Our friendship
Has never meant nothing
Even from where it all began
Its just memories in the sand
A dead wish
Brought to life
Yet unborn
Sticks and stones, may break my bones
But your pain is the pill to heal that up
You just been used
And played puppet
We share nothing
We have nothing to relate to
Your friendship is nothing, but a dead end
and a dead long memory
Something that you'd wish
We had again
Say goodbye to your long
And distant past
You sit and wish that we
can be friends again
Get a grip
Cuz im gone