Friday, January 14, 2011



A word
Cuts deep
Deep into your skin
A push
Lets you fall
You get tears
After all
A puch
Leaves brusies
A memory
You cant forget
A gang
Its you agaisnt
A bat
In the hospital you go
Your mother sheads tears
Your father shows his fears
The silence
Its safe
Its the best thing you know
After all
Thats how
Bullying goes.

This poem expresses how I see this social issue.... Bullying... Bullying is a very deep and harmful topic. It happens everywhere. This needs to be stop. Kids are bullied for allot. Their race, how tall or short they are, how fat or skinny they maybe, where they come from, how the speak, the way they dress, their sexuality is something that recently is being provoked. Bullying needs to be talked about it schools so this process of kid thinking they can say or do anything they want. To a child just because they don't like something about them. That needs to stop. Its a horrible action against people. And most of them just wont stand for it. So you know what they do, they commit suicide.

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