Friday, January 14, 2011


                                   Where I am From

                              I'm from Jamaica
                       I'm from my mother kameka
                   I'm from the silent ocean breeze
                               In sunny Florida
                   I'm from the laughter of children
                               I'm from the sun
                                And full of life
                                    I'm from death
                                       The beauty of it
                                          The tears you shed
                             Because of it
                                 The feeling
                                        Of depressing
                                               Around it
                                                           I'm from music
                                                       Different beats
                                                     Different sounds
                                                 Different meanings
                                          All around
               From loud to silent
                     To high and low
                           I'm from my sister
                                  Her broad smile
                                     The glistening eyes
                                                   I'm just me
                                                            A girl
                                          I'm Kayla

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