Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reading challenge

           I  Read the book Sold this month. Well basically i read the book in a day. The book had really connected to me, it was so meaningful, deep, depressing, and each word on each page really got a reaction out of me. This book was full of allot of drama, fear, religion, betrayal, trust, rape, family,and much more. The book includes allot of social issues that are deal with in real life today like: rape, family loss, abuse,poverty, love,al actions and much more. The one thing in the book that made me love it so much was how it took place. It started depressing with a family that lives in a village and they are poor. Its a family of four a daughter, a baby boy , the mother and the father.
               Their family used to be bigger but each season when they had a child the child would die of some sort of sickness.Basically the main character wants good thing for her family. She aims for getting a new tin roof. Their father unfortunately is rude, lazy, and doesn't do much to help the family at all. I also don't like that in their religion the man always comes first.They only get to eat after then men had eaten till they are full, then they get what remains.That's unfair in my eyes for one they have more than one mouth to feed. Two they don't have enough food to give to all the family members if the father eats first, basically the rest other family starve.
         They must rub their feet n drink a sip of the water their feet was washed in as as sign or respect. That's sooo nasty its something that i would never do in my life at all its like who would do that and no one i don't care who they starvee cant tell me to do something like that as a sign or respect to a man.But, besides all this bad i love the fact that the girl is in love with a guy in her village that she has been watching for a while now and she has plans to marry him,
     To skip  farther into the book. They family becomes so poor because of the father and all of his gambling so they send the daughter to the city to be sold as a maid. But from there things go horribly wrong. She is on this long journey she goes through alot of other villages and cities and she leaves th life she had behind her. She carries her personal items which isn't that much and the strong weight of her family back home and how they will get along in life, but she promises to come back and tell them the stories of how great it was in the city. She had a big wondrous imagination of how the city would look but for the long journey she was on she never got to that wondrous place.
     Instead she gets a change of clothing, a new pink fluffy dress and matching shoes. To her she feels naked. She ends up in the home withe other girls in many colorful dresses and to her she thinks this is where she'll clean and stuff. Her first day of the 'job' she sees what her job is really meant to be. And she refuses to do this dirty job. For this she gets beaten all over her body and shes is starved without water for food for days. But what they don't know is shes knows how to serve without food, she can make her self seem full even though shes not. Until one day she get some yogurt from her bosses servant and instantly she knows she was drugged. She blacks out and awakes a little while later with no control over her body at all. And a guy one of the costumer does what he was there to do and she feels like she has no control over anything any more, so she lets it happen.
    She gets used to what she has to do to get out of there but she doesn't appreciate it at all. she see that the girls are leaving one by one, people around her getting sick,dieing....
   Well i don't wanna give away too much of the story so go ahead and read it your self it will really take you attenuation away like its taken mine. This book is a sure to keep, best read, attention grabbing, meaningful and social story. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

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