Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Social Awareness 4

1)Media/Newa Immersion: Newspaper articles: Animal Abuse And Neglet

              This article is about Anmial abuse and neglet. For one i dissaprrove of this, the video that was there of and example which shows neglet of these horese that live on a farm was horrifing. I was nearly in tears. The article says that these horses have been living in horribble conditions. No grass to feed on, u can find the remains of dead horses laying aroung, the dont have a proper place to stay. Which is why these people came to help this issue. They brought vets to come help and care for the horeses, the dieses and conditions they were in were basically deadly.Neglect is not giving an animal the right food, water, shelter or vet care.
The articles says that all U.S. states have animal cruelty laws, and 47 states treat some forms of abuse as felonies. Farmers and researchers can do cruel things to animals that other people can't do legally, but all states have some protection for pets like dogs and cats.

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