Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Social Awareness 3

1)Media/Newa Immersion: Newspaper articles:   Joe Miller’s Confusing, Contradictory Position on Gay Marriage
               Well this article is based on what Alaskan GOP senate candidate Joe miller had said on the issue of agy rights.he said, quote" i think it's important that we reconize that there are different approaches to different values, and i think that it;s best for the states to be able to make thoes decisions."there was also a video that wen twith this article which u can watch down below, and i thought that what he said was a lie. Because yea hes saying all of this but yet still in Alaska they banned gay marriges.He was really into letting the states deal with this issue on thier own.Then after he said alll that later on he said that he'd vote for a contitutional amendment banning gay marriage everywhere.On the one hand, Miller says "let states decide" and on the other hand, he wants the Federal government to amend the constitution to prohibit states from deciding.Like WTF is that about. First you say its all on the people itdoesnt effect you really, now you say that your going to ban gay marriages?? He made this so confusing for most eople.He may even decide it should be up to each parish of each religeon to decide on blessings for gay marriage.Either way, Americans don't like politicans who flip flop.


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