Monday, October 25, 2010

Final aprreciation

     I remember when I was younger about age 7. I used to be the kid who didn't enjoy book, I always put aside reading. I'm that type of person who judges a book by its cover, which I learned when I got older that u cant always judge a book by its cover. That the same exact thing I did when I saw the book Stuart little. I was in school one day searching for a book, when a classmate suggested that i read the book they just finished Stuart little By E.B White. I searched the cover and read the mini paragraph at the back of the book but it didn't seem that interesting.
    But that kid annoyed me so much just to read a book that they thought was amazing. I had two choices read the book or slap the color right out of this kid. I did the smart thing and took the book just to try it out. At first i skipped a lot of pages and didn't really pay a lot of attention to the book until i got to the middle and things seemed to be getting interesting. When i finally finished the book i was dazed oh how amazing it was it was actually good. I regret the i skipped any pages an i must of had missed a lot of important details and facts. But at least i learned that i should never judge a book by its cover and to at least give a book a chance.
      Well in the book Stuart Little By E.B White the book is basically about a mouse that is born into a human family that lives in the big city, New York. The book talks about the big adventure Stuart he goes on after he meets a bird named Margalo. Margalo enters the Little's family as a guest after Mrs. Little found her injured and took her in for care. In that time Stuart developed feelings for Margalo, But when Margalo's life was in danger so she left without saying goodbye leaving Stuart crushed and heartbroken. That when he decides to go on a journey to find Margalo and he leaves hos family behind without any goodbyes, just like Margalo had done to him.Durning the journey he meets a girl of his size and proprtions, but things dont work out since his mind is on margalo.Stuart has a very intresting personality for his size. Hes educated(at only three years old), mature, physically and emotionally fit and has a clear understanding of the world around him.Although the book ended without Stuart being able to find Margalo or returning back to his family, it was still a great book. Especially for the age that i read it at it appealed to me mostly for the fact that their were talking animals and a cool journey.
     I appreciated  Stuart little because it proved that u cant just judge a book by its cover. And taught me to never do that again. My second time reading the book i appreciated that Stuart little doesn't only appeal to kids. It has a strong interest to most adults. It may seem like a child's book but Stuart little has alot of deeper meaning between the lines that if you read carefully you will catch them.But even though i appreciated some things about the book. I  have to say that i didn't like some things about the book like the ending and how the Stuart doesn't make any meaningful connections with anyone in the book. Maybe a small connection with Margalo but i only see her as a symbol in the story.
      Maybe  you will think differently. So read the book and tell me what you think and how you feel about it yourself. You'll never know you might like something i didn't like or see something i didn't notice.

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