Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Commands, Advice and Directions adults give you. What do you agree/Disagree with?

  1.            "Stay Away From Strangers"
              I disagree with this command. Yes, some strangers you should avoid and not talk to. But isn't everyone a stranger at first? Don't  you start off not knowing someone and until you talk to them or introduce your self that's when you start to get to know the person. So maybe this command can be verified.  Maybe for smaller children the ages 10 and younger tell them not to talk to adults they don't know. Random people on the streets. But telling kids not to talk to strangers is telling them not to talk to anyone they don't already know. But, i kinda agree with this command, because you dont always know who someone is. They can be a child molester, a kidnapper or a dangerous person. But i don't think this command is that effective because kids still talk to strangers and today they are being kidnapped, raped or harmed by people on the streets. Saying "stay away from strangers", is one thing but enforcing them to listen and do it is another.

     2.       "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
           I agree, no matter what happens in life, life will always go on. its a good thing to say to most teens. Especially when they are going on in their life and they feel as though the world has come to and end(trust me Ive had this feeling before), Telling them that life goes on is something that always helps. And this quote is true life does go on, a person dies, but life will still continue. Never let a dramatic event in your life.,stop you from living. but also take into account that as you grow up so do others and together they mature and see that the world is finally opening up for them.

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