Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Promt #3

Prompt Number 3: Who Am I? Who Was I? And Who I Want To Be?

  •     Who Was I?
             I used to be the quiet, shy keep to myself kind of girl. I used to not really know who i was or who i wanted to become. Growing up was hard for me since i really didn't have my mother around, but someone that substituted for her. I also didn't know my father so i never had that "Father, Daughter" Felling. When i was young i always felt like and outsider. Like everyone else was against me. I was too shy to make friends, but i had some. I was loved by almost everyone for how sweet i was, and how smart and talented i was. I was always told by the adults around me " Your gonna be someone great, and helpful in this world". I was quiet at home, and most did what i had to do and didn't argue with my grandparents who i lived with. I drawed, sang , dance and had no worries in the world. That's who i was.
  •    Who am i?
                I am that loud girl youll hear from a distance. I'm fun, funny and full of life. I like to try new things and meet new people.I'm loved by almost everyone except for the people that envy me. I have my own type of style and always try to stand out in my own way. I never follow the crowd, because like my grandfather said "I Am A Leader,Not A Follower". I know my friends like a book and i am the type of person that would always have your back no matter what. People know they can trust me and ccome to me when they need any type of help. My personality attracts everyone. I cant say im perfect, But im getting there. Yea i have my flaws and dealing with the process of growning up. Like haveing boyfriends, my family issues, friends and most of all the trust i have for most people. Im creative and i try not to make poeple bring me down, Thats who i am.
  •     Who i want to be?
             I want to be someone that can help the world. Today i am a teen and i see that our world that we live in have a lot of issues. And i want to be that person to try and solve some of theses issues. I really care for almost anything, so things like homelessness and poverty really touch my heart. I wish to help those out there who don't have much, who are living out on the streets, who have no place for them and their family to be. Or i can help the world by saving lives. Either by being a doctor in a hospital or by being a police officer and making our streets of new york a better place for people to feel safe and live in. I say its not about the money its about the feeling you get from doing something good to others. I also want to be a mother and have a family. To be proud of what Ive done and be able to be happy. That's who i want to be.

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