Thursday, March 3, 2011

Response to Other Peoples Blogs

            Well i read The following Blogs:
  •             Anna Veronica's Blog
  •             Jasmine Pacheco
  •             Sarah Safran
 Anna Veronica: For One Anna"s blog shows allot of detailed observations. She really goes deep into understanding poems, sonnets, ect. All of her blogs show that she really understood the detailed aspects of the sonnets. Unlike some people her blogs are long and full of detail, you can hear her voice in her blogs. She really expresses her feelings and points of views in each one of her blogs. Sometimes she even compares her sellf or uses text to world compareasions too. She elborates and deve;lopes her ideas. She shows forceful and powerful voices in her blogs. I really llike her poems about And important thing that happened to her. I like how she wrote it for one, Two i like the rythm that she had. Theres alot to say about her blogs and she is grewat at putting her voice into everything she writes.

Jasmine Pacheco:  For one i like the theme that jazzy picked for her blogg. Its very claming and mellow. I also like how for one of her side bars she has a quote from a poet and its very inspiring. I also like how in some of her blogs she adds a visual so you can see, and it describes whats shes saying. Her responses seems like she had a nice flow while writting the response. It seems like she had some nice ideas, and you kinda get idea or like some inspiration from her blog.

Sarah Safran: I like her blog responses because they all really explain what she's thinking. Even though you haven't read whatever she read, you can still get a lot about it by just reading her responses. Also I think she really cares about the stuff that she writes and thinks deeply about all of them.

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