Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reasearch assignment

Topic: Gay Abuse in and out of school
Articles: Bullied because you're gay or lesbian,Wear Purple Day Oct. 20 Against Domestic Violence and Teen Bullying

        After reading these articles about gay abuse i really started to understand how serious of an issue this is. For one I'm not against gays, i don't have the right to discriminate which isn't a big deal as people make it out to be. I'm totally against this bullying, harassment, and discrimination inside and outside of school. It effects kids on every level depression and pain. Peoples verbal abuse, Interent Abuse, physical abuse all stays with that kid for their life. whats even worse is gay abuse, judging a person by what gender they like?? Its not a big deal at all. I can never understand why some kids do this to others. And I also cant relate to the pain gay people may go through everyday especially gay kids who go to school and are teased and tortured about being gay.Kids bully gays because they think they are "different" in some way, which isn't true at all.
         And because of this kids tend to try and change themselves, force themselves to be straight, try to dine what they are. People say being gay is a choice when its clearly not, who would choose to be bullied, tortured , hurt, every day by others when they can simply change their ways. being gay is something that you CAN'T control.In most schools teachers and staff are aware of homophobic bullying in schools, although few schools deal with the issue. As you start to see more and more on the new is that a very largely-unrecognized effect of homophobia is psychiatric injury, including attempted or actual suicide.
       Do you see how many teens kill themselves because they simply couldn't take the abuse from others anymore. They didn't have anyone there to really help them or stop the abuse so they took the only chance at that moment that seemed very reasonable, suicide.Well as much as one in five gay people have self-harmed or attempted suicide because of homophobic bullying and abuse.Besides all that i like that people are started to lend a hand to gay people. Try to show them that someone does care and its will all end soon. So the Gay Awareness Day was made to make awareness about whats happening. On this that people wear purple to help show spirit for anti gay bullying.
      I think this day is a good example of a way to reach out to gay people and kids who are being abuses for being gay.

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  1. Yeah some people really need to take into consideration what ur words doing 2 another person

    Ok I is not gonna lie sometimes i dont watch what comes out my mouth but at some point i say srry and I stick up 4 dat person